Internet Banking Upgrade

Horizon Bank has launched an enhanced Internet Banking experience to make managing your money faster and easier.   This site has been redesigned with a new appearance, but with the same familiar functionality. 

Be sure and check out these new features and navigational functions:

  • Profile Nickname
  • Font Selectors
  • Actions Menus
  • New sub-menus

You will appreciate the easier navigation while you keep all of the accessibility that has been there all along.

Click the sample screen below for a demonstration.



Internet Banking Upgrade - Q&A

Q. Are there new features and functions in Online Banking?

A. Definitely!

There is a new Profile Nickname feature the Online Banking you can set up. It displays a welcome statement upon each successful login. Along with the new nickname and last log in information, a Contact Us link appears for quick access to send a secure message to us, your financial institution.

“Actions” menus replace the “Make a Selection” links (such as on the Account Summary page for detail, statements, etc.) and many button options that exist in the Online Banking system today.

Many of the current navigation tabs in Online Banking now support sub-menus to give an alternative navigation method to get to the features that you use most often.

From all pages within Online Banking you will be able to quickly adjust the font size. Within the User Services section, you can set a default font size to be remembered for your future sessions.

An Urgent Message Bar will now appear at the top of Online Banking pages when you have any unread urgent messages waiting.

Q. How can I find help in Online Banking?

A. Help is just a click away….simply click the Help/information icon on the top right corner of any page.

Q. Where are the links on the Accounts page (detail, statement, etc.) located now?

A. These are now located in an Actions menu you will find on the same line as your account on the Accounts Summary page.

Q. I need to change my search parameters on an account history search, where is that function located?

A. Once on the account history search you generate is displayed, simply choose Search Again from the Actions menu at the top of the Transactions module (this is the table showing your transactions).

Q. Where do I request to add an external transfer account?

A. To request an external account be added to your access, click on the Transfers menu and choose the Add External Transfer Account sub-menu or click on the User Services menu and then click “Add External Transfer Account” in the Manage Accounts section.

Q. What is the profile nickname?

A. You can set a name that will be displayed each time you log in. This is extremely useful if you have multiple Access IDs with which you access Online Banking, so you can keep track of which user you are logged in as.

Q. How can I schedule a Principal or Interest only loan payment?

A. If you have the ability to schedule a loan payment, choose Schedule Loan Payment from the Transfers menu. Next choose Specify Principal or Specify Interest from the Actions menu on that page. Fill in your information and go!

Q. How can I create an International Wire Transfer?

A. If you have the ability to schedule wires, choose Single Wire from the Cash Management Menu. Next choose International Wire Transfer from the Actions menu on that page. Complete the required information and go!

Q. If I select “Remind Me Later” from the Urgent Message bar at the top of the screen, how frequently will I be reminded of these unread urgent messages? Is there a way for me to turn this off?

A. If you have no urgent messages, the urgent message bar is not displayed.

Remind Me Later will hide the bar during the current session - unless another urgent message is sent during your session. After initiating Remind Me Later, if another urgent message is received during your current session, the bar is displayed again when you click another menu or link within Online Banking.

If you have hidden the bar during your session and receive no additional urgent messages during that session, the bar will not display again until your next session (log in).

Access to all your urgent messages remains available through the Messages section at any time.

Current day messages display with “Today” as the date stamp. Messages are ordered from top to bottom with most recent message displayed at the top.

Since it is important that you always be aware of urgent messages, the Remind Me Later function is the only way for you to temporarily hide the Urgent Message bar.

Q. Why does the interface sometimes shift to the left after being displayed in the center of my browser page?

A. Links to some of our partners will result in the Online Banking interface becoming left-justified while accessing these pages. Once you click a different menu or link in Online Banking, the center justification should be reapplied.

Q. Is there a time out feature? What happens when my session is about to time out?

A. Yes, the time out feature is set to activate when your session has been inactive for 10 minutes. One minute before your session times out, a warning appears counting down the final minute before your session is made inactive. To continue your session click OK in the warning window or click a menu or link within Online Banking to keep your session active. The counter will automatically be reset at that time and the warning window will automatically close.

Q. How are balances on pages such as the Transfer page displayed?

A. On pages that display a list of accounts from which a transfer can be made, this balance is displayed beneath the account as it is selected from the account list. As the account in the list is changed, the balance will also change.

Q. Where do the new Sub-Menus direct me?

A. The new Sub-Menus make is easier than ever to navigate through Online Banking. Below is a list of where each Sub-






Transfer start page

Schedule Transfer

Transfer start page

Schedule Loan Payment

Loan Payment start page


Transfer History search page

Add External Transfer Account

Add External Transfer Account page (User Services)

Cash Management

Cash Management Menu

ACH Origination

Pending ACH Transfers page

Wire Transfers

Pending Wire Transfers page


Pending Tax Payments page

Check Reconciliation

Check Reconciliation Enter Issued Items page

Book Transfers

Transfer start page


Sub-User Admin page

Cash Management Menu

Cash Management Menu

Notify Me Alerts

Notify Me Alerts start page

Alert History

Notify Me Alerts History page

Update Email Address(es)/Mobile Phone Number

Update Email Address(es)/Mobile Phone Number (User Services)



All Messages page (Online Inbox)

Unread Messages

Unread Messages page

Sent Messages

Sent Messages page

Contact Us

Send a Message page